Did You Know? – July 06

Posted on Jul 04 , 2014 in Did You Know

The Role of Bishop:


┬áDuring the children’s focus this past Sunday when Bishop Melissa asked the children if they knew who she was. One of the responses were: “you are Father Al’s boss”. That got a laugh and on one level it is true but it misses the big picture. Historically there are many examples of Bishop’s who lived out their role with a “boss” emphasis. As Christians we are all called to be “disciples”, “servants”, “slaves”, of Jesus Christ who is the head of the church. The role then of the Bishop is an overseer of the disciples. One who encourages and challenges us in our relationship with Christ and our sharing of the “good news” of what God has done for us in Christ. The Bishop accomplishes this by “sending out” Priests as co labourers in this work. In this sense the Priest’s ministry is the sharing of the Bishop’s ministry. The Bishop’s role then is not the top of a hierarchy but the centre point of unified body with Christ as the head of that body.

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