What is the average size church people attend in Canada?

Posted on Aug 30 , 2013 in Did You Know

 This is not as simple a question to answer as it appears. We must start by defining what is meant by average. If we are referring to the total number of members of all churches in Canada divided by the total number of churches we would arrive at a number we could refer to as average. That number would come out at around 180. If however we were to put the numbers in order on a page from the smallest church to the largest and then counted along until we reached the halfway point in churches,  or the median point of churches,  the number would be about 75. If we continued along that line until we reached the half way point of people, or the median point of people, the church that we would be at would have an attendance of over 350.  That means that half the people who are attending church are attending churches of over 350. Yet 90% of all the churches have less than 350 people attending and over 50% have less than 75 people attending. The majority of people attending church are in only 10% of all churches!

 What does this mean? In light of last weeks did you know the conclusion would be that church for the majority of people attending has become an institution, an entity where we are more like customers consuming a product as opposed to a family where we are committed members. Those who have studied church growth over the years make the point of saying it is very difficult to break the 200 barrier yet once you do grow to over 200 it is easy to grow to 300 or 400. Perhaps it is because the shift is made from family to institution and we would rather be a customer then a committed family member.

 For me it was an eye opener to realize that half the people attending church in Canada are attending churches of over 350 people. Christianity in North America has become a consumer product, yet the gospel of Jesus Christ does not offer us a product to consume, or a aid to enhance our life, it offers us adoption into the family of God see Romans 8:15-17.

 Reverend Al Carson

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